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Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment

For decades the Water & Waste Water industry has been a significant part of Metaval's activities. Our company has grown and diversified since 1967 when we were established. Originally we provided an engineering supply service to customers in the paper industry. As the range of industries serviced increased we found that Water and Waste Water continually featured as an important part of our business.

The background of our personnel is in process control, instrumentation and mechanical engineering. Our knowledge of the various treatment processes including industrial waste water treatment as well as reticulation, stormwater and wetland systems coupled with a general knowledge of industrial processes enables Metaval sales people and back-up staff to work with you and provide the correct engineered equipment for your application.

Metaval and the companies we represent are continually striving to bring new and innovative products to this field. You can be confident that the equipment you purchase from Metaval will be high quality and the correct choice for your plant.

Some of our product range for the Water & Waste Water industry: