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Z&J High Performance

Z&J High Performance
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Z&J High Performance

Z&J High Performance Valves 
Z & J Technologies is a manufacturer of specialised products for the Iron and Steel Industry, the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Energy Industry and Environment Protection, and the Glass industry.  Its history started back over 100 years ago and has many installed products and references.
Some of the products include:

Iron and Steel Industry: 
- Plants
- Energy Recovery Turbines 
- Flare Stack Systems 
- Control Systems (elec./hyd./pneu.) 
- Bell-less Top “Top Charger” 
- Lock Hopper Systems 
- Burners 
- Ignition Equipment

Valves for Stoves, Gas Systems, Blast Furnaces etc.:
- Hot Blast Valves 
- Back Draught Valves 
- Goggle Valves Type 1 (Line Blinds) 
- Goggle Valves Type 2 (Line Blinds) 
- Shut-off Valve (2, 3 or Push-Lever) 
- Butterfly Valves (Control and Eccentric Type) 
- Snort Valves 
- Bleeder Valves 
- Pressure Equalizing Valves 
- Septum Valves 
- Gas Safety Valves

Petrochemical and Refining Industries:
Dehydrogenation Units
Wedge-within-Wedge Gate Valves 
- nominal sizes up to 48" (1200 mm) dia. 
- medium: HC-gas/air 
- operating temperatures up to 710 °C 
- operating pressures up to 17.5 bar 
- installation in vertical or horizontal pipelines 
- up to 150,000 operations without maintenance shutdown
ISOSIV / TIP-Units: 
Wedge-within-Wedge Gate Valves 
- nominal sizes up to 24" (600 mm) dia. 
- medium: HC 
- operating temperatures up to 530 °C 
- operating pressures up to 20 bar 
- up to 300,000 cycles without maintenance shutdown
Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Units:
Single or Double Disc Control Valves 
- nominal sizes more than 70" (1800 mm) dia. 
- medium: hydrocarbon gases with catalyst 
- operating temperatures up to 815 °C 
- operating pressures up to 6 bar 
- installation into vertical line

Olefin Production Units: 
Double Disc Through Conduit Type Gate Valve
- nominal sizes up to 56" (1400 mm) dia. 
- medium: HC-vapour with coke particles 
- operating temperatures up to 550 °C 
-operating pressures up to 5.5 bar 
- up to 4 years operation without maintenance shutdown.
Energy Industry and Environmental Protection:
Wedge-within-Wedge Gate Valves
- nominal sizes up to 72" (1800 mm) dia. 
- temperatures up to 710 °C 
- medium: hydrocarbons and other flammable, dangerous media

Guillotine Valves (double and single disc):
- nominal sizes up to 6000 x 6000 mm 
- temperatures up to 780 °C 
- medium: flue gas

Special Swing-type Check Valves for FCC Units:
- nominal sizes up to 60" (1500 mm) dia. Angle Valves 
- nominal sizes up to 4000 mm dia 
- temperatures up to 780 °C 
- medium: various gases
Hot Gas Butterfly Valves: 
- nominal sizes up to 4000 mm dia. 
- temperatures up to 1300 °C 
- medium: flue gases / process gases

Check Valves: 
- nominal sizes up to 1000 mm dia. 
- temperatures up to 80 °C 
- medium: natural gas

Goggle Valves (Line Blind): 
- nominal sizes up to 4000 mm dia. 
- temperatures up to 1100 °C 
- medium: flue gases / process gases
Glass Industry:
Flue Gas and Combustion Air Reversing Valves: 
-Sliding ‘DOUBLE DECK’ valve system 
- Combined ‘SLIDING SINGLE DECK/SWING’ type valve system 
- ‘SWING’ type valve system

Other Valves and Dampers:
- Flue gas - Shut-Off Valves (Slide or Butterfly type) 
- Flue gas - Regulating Dampers (Slide or Butterfly type) 
- Combustion air - Shut-Off and Regulating Dampers
Blanket Batch Chargers: 
- Twin-coupled charger units 
- Modular charger units 
- Electric control systems 
- Doghouse dust-covers

Combustion Air Supply and Control Systems: 
- Air fans (axial or radial type) 
- Measuring and control equipment 
- Ducting

Mechanical Drive Systems for Float Glass Annealing Lehrs
Z&J manufacture to customers specifications and have been increasing specialisation in products over the last few decades.