Valbia Pneumatic Actuators

Valbia Pneumatic Actuators
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Valbia Pneumatic Actuators

- Double Acting and Spring Return.
- DA 8 Nm - 2,869 Nm (5.5 bar air)
- ISO mounting with Namur Solenoid Valve mount.
- Pressure rating max 8 bar.
- Temperature std (-20 Deg C - +85 Deg C).
- Pre lubricated for life of actuator on assembly.
- Fully tested on manufacture.
- Die Cast Aluminium end caps.
- Spring sets to suit different Air Pressures / Torque requirements.

The Valbia Pneumatic Actuator comes with a standard 5 Degrees rotation adjustmen in both clockwise and counter-clockwise direction by means of adjusting screws outside the air supply chambers.

Double Acting
Spring Return
Solenoid Controlled
Limit Switches
Open / Closing speed control (prevents water hammer).

The Valbia Pneumatic Actuators can be supplied coupled to Butterfly and Ball Valves.