VAG ROTOP - Portable Electric Actuator

VAG ROTOP - Portable Electric Actuator
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VAG ROTOP - Portable Electric Actuator

- For the convenient operation of gate valves, butterfly valves and underground hydrants
- Freely adjustable speed (0-70 rpm) also during operation
- Electronic torque control via step switch, adjustable in 4 steps from 30…230 Nm
- Softstart for jerk-free start; can be switched from right-handed to left-handed rotation
- High operational safety ensured by internal damping unit, two-hand control, safety switch and overload protection
- Electronic, bi-directional counter and digital display
- Electrical specifications: Voltage 230 V (AC), power consumption 1800 W, output 1300 W
- Weight: 11 kg including operating spindle
- CE conformity mark (LGA)
- Safety regulations (EMC Regulations)
- Basic equipment for buried valves including
- operating spindle (adjustable from 800 - 1200 mm), internal damping unit and coupling sleeve with click-fix connection square end (27 mm)
- 4 meter connection cable with DI plug with grounding contact

- Motor and gear housing made of aluminium, corrosion- and wear to compacted surface, handles: Plastic (glass-fibre reinforced and ergonomic)
- Operating spindle: Stainless steel
- Coupling sleeves: Ductile cast iron, hot-galvanised

- Standard version as described
- With two pre-adjusted speeds
- With IP68 safety switch for special requirements of the working environment
- Power generator with transport vehicle (unleaded regular petrol)
- Actuator column
- Operating spindle (adjustable) with internal damping unit and coupling sleeve with 27 mm square stem, as a unit
- One-piece operating spindles, available in different lengths
- Individual coupling sleeves
- Steel sheet carrying case for the entire device and the set of coupling sleeves
- Set of coupling sleeves (also available as set in steel sheet case) for the connection to valves with...
- Square stem 12 / 14 / 17 / 19 / 24 and 27 mm
- Shafts-Ø 16 / 20 and 30 mm
- including internal damping unit