VAG ECO-Centric Eccentric Plug Valve

VAG ECO-Centric Eccentric Plug Valve
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VAG ECO-Centric Eccentric Plug Valve

Round port for high flow, low head loss and energy efficiency
ANSI Class 125 flanged or mechanical joint ends - per industry standards
Epoxy lined and coated ductile iron body and cover - superior corrosion protection
Welded nickel seat - tough and corrosion resistant
Ductile iron plug with molded and vulcanized Buna-N coating - maximum durability
Self-lubricating stainless steel body and cover bearings - no "iron-to-iron" contact
Standard worm gear manual actuator
Optional electric motor or pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder actuator

VAG ECO-Centric Eccentric Plug Valve - Metaval

VAG ECO-Centric Plug Valves 80mm to 600mm

Body Style
1/2'' - 12'' Round Port Ductile Iron Body, 175PSI
14'' - 24'' Round Port Ductile Iron Body, 150 PSI
ANSI B16.1 Class 125 Flanged or Mechanical Joint

Flow Efficient Round Port Design
Round port design thru 24'' provides superior flow characteristics prevents clogging, and reduces energy costs.

Rugged and Corrosion Resistant
Epoxy coated, high strength ductile iron body and welded nickel seat creates long-term corrosion resistance lengthening the life of the valve.

Self Adjusting Packing
Self-adjusting u-cup packing reduces maintenance and eliminates over-tightening.

Bi-Directional Shutoff
Bi-directional shutoff up to the full rated pressure provides installation versatility, with the ability to install the valve in either direction.

Long Term Tight Seating
Buna-N covered plug and state of the art CNC machining process ensure accurate plug-to-seat alignment for true eccentric action reduced wear and tight shutoff up to full pressure rating.

Tested and Certified
Eco-centric plug valves have undergone proof of design testing to ensure long term dependability and every valve is rigorously tested before it leaves the factory.