Uni-flange Adapter Flange

Uni-flange Adapter Flange
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Uni-flange Adapter Flange
Uni-Flange Adapter Flange - Metaval

- Job Site Fabrication using Plain End Pipe
Uni-Flange eliminates the problems of pre-engineered, prefabricated piping systems. Pipe fabrication can be performed on site, using plain end pipe, a pipe cutter and a wrench. No threading, welding or grooving is necessary. The Uni-Flange eliminates the need to rely on off-site fabricators and machine shops. It is ideal for projects that involve retro-fitting or renovation of existing piping systems. The Uni-Flange keeps the project moving……. DOWN TIME SAVINGS are considerable.

- Eliminates Bolt Hole Alignment Problems
Uni-Flanges can be freely rotated (see Figure 2) before the flange bolts are inserted and tightened. This facilitates bolt hole alignment with the facing flange. Pre-fabricated piping systems do not offer this installation advantage.

- Permits Pipe Deflection
Unlike conventional threaded or welded flanges, the Uni-Flange will permit pipe deflection during installation. This means the Uni-Flange can “make the connection” when other means can’t.

- Built-In End Restraints
The Uni-Flange offers built-in end restraint. No tie rods or other forms of anchoring are necessary for normal working pressures. Special considerations may be necessary for pump surges.

- Future Maintenance Capabilities
When future maintenance is required on flanged equipment such as meters or valves, the Uni-Flange can be easily disassembled and slid back on the pipe. This facilitates removal of the flanged equipment. When the equipment is to be replaced, simply drop it in and re-install the Uni-Flange. Threaded and welded flanges do not offer this feature.

Technical Data and Availability

Manufactured from ductile iron in accordance with ASTM A536. Drilling and O.D. in accordance with AS 2129/AS4087.
Pipe O.D.’s shown in tables are to the following standards. Steel - AS 1074, B 36.10. Iron - AS 2280.

Standard gasket supplied with the Uni-flange Adapter Flange is SBR (Buna-S). Suitable for water and wastewater, and most moderate chemicals.
Temperature range - 54o to 70oC.
Other gaskets available include: EPDM, CR, NBR.

Manufactured from : - Steel (AISI 4137) , zinc plated. - or Stainless Steel (AISI 410 or AISI 431). Heat treated to Rockwell
C 35 - 4 4.

3M Scotchkote 206N Fusion Bonded Epoxy.

Normally available ex stock :
Steel Pipe -50mm to 500mm.
DI Pipe - 80mm to 600mm
Specials and larger sizes are also available .

(AS4087 Class 16 / AS2129 Table C, E.)
Size Working Pressure Test Pressure (Hydrostatic)

50 - 300 mm 1,600 kPa 3,000 kPa
350 - 600 mm 1,000 kPa 1,400 kPa

50 - 600 mm 1,600 kPa 3,000 kPa

Note : Restraining - where Uni-flange is the only restraint provided.