UGSI Monoclor-RCS
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UGSI Monoclor-RCS

Monoclor-RCS Components

PAX Water Mixer

The PAX Water Mixer is at the heart of the Residual Control System. Only a powerful active mixer can thoroughly blend disinfectant chemicals and ensure a representative water quality sample.

Water Quality Station

UGSI Monoclor-RCS - Metaval

The Water Quality Station (WQS) continuously monitors water chemistry. The WQS monitors residual level and provides real-time data. In chloraminated systems, the WQS knows precisely where your water chemistry falls on the chloramination curve.

Smart Controller

UGSI Monoclor-RCS - Metaval

The Smart Controller is the brain of RCS. It maintains the operator-set residual level by continuously analyzing water quality data and sending commands to dose chemicals. The Smart Controller sends alerts to the operator when there is a sudden change in water quality.

Chemical Feed System

UGSI Monoclor-RCS - Metaval

The Chemical Feed System automatically and precisely doses chemicals into the volume of water to maintain the chlorine or chloramine set-point. The system can utilize a variety of chemical sources, including liquid, gaseous or onsite generated chlorine and liquid ammonia.