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TAPS Total Automated Purge System

TAPS Total Automated Purge System
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TAPS Total Automated Purge System

Singer TAPS System
(Total Automatic Purging System)

• Enhances and maintains water quality
• Extends life of distribution infrastructure
• Reduces NRW (Non-Revenue Water) during flushing
• Durable Ductile Iron NSF-approved main body construction

Resolve your water quality issues by flushing and scouring your distribution lines to eliminate biofilm and sediment build-up while maintaining water quality. Reduce NRW Non-Revenue Water during flushing cycle times resulting in financial savings. Our Singer Valve Total Automatic Purging System (TAPS) operates using an automatic control valve and a battery-operated timer to control the time, length and pressure required to flush your distribution system effectively. The results are impressive — better water quality, reduced non-revenue water and healthier system distribution piping and components.

The Total Automatic Purging System (TAPS), which our Singer Valve engineers have designed and manufactured, is one of the most innovative flushing solutions in the industry today. TAPS can dramatically increase the quality of your distribution water and it will lengthen the life of your distribution system’s piping network. Our automatic flushing system is comprised of pilot-operated control valves and a battery-operated timer for timed pressure and flow control thereby optimizing the flushing process. The TAPS valves provide positive opening and closing to ensure that water quality is maintained through effective flushing of the distribution network.
The flushing process also maintains the internal workings of the distribution system, reducing the chance of biofilm growth and contaminants. The overall results? Fewer costly repairs due to reducing pipe erosion that lead to costly pipe breaks and repair. Improved water quality throughout the distribution network. Reduction of NRW, through efficient velocity and volume control during flushing cycles.

How Your System Benefits
When you add a Singer Valve Total Automatic Purging System (TAPS) to your distribution system, your system
will benefit in five key ways:
• Durable and dependable flushing operation using proven control valve technology
• Maintain system upstream pressure (fire flow demand) during flushing operations
• Positive flushing velocity to insure effective pipe scouring and maintaining water quality
• Reduce NRW by limiting the amount of water required during flushing operations
• Most cost effective flushing valve on the market

Typical Applications
The Singer Valve TAPS Total Automatic Purging System is ideal for:
• Distribution systems that run through rural areas and that have long piping runs, low demand or dead-end lines
• Distribution systems in areas that have experienced natural disasters, leaving a massive infrastructure with no or little demand because the population has decreased drastically
• Distribution systems in areas that have experienced serious economic conditions, causing the population to decrease drastically and leaving a large infrastructure with little or no demand
• Areas of development that have been abandoned or where construction has been delayed, resulting in large trunk lines that have minimal usage or demand.
• Looped systems where there is no usage between users, resulting in a potentially stagnant area in the distribution system
• High-rise buildings with little or no water usage, resulting in stagnant water areas within the building