STF FMA-9000 Self Cleaning Filter

STF FMA-9000 Self Cleaning Filter
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STF FMA-9000 Self Cleaning Filter

The STF FMA 9000 Series automatic filter for electric drive, specially designed for applications demanding leaks municipal, industrial and agricultural.

Exceptional performance derived from low water consumption in cleaning, thanks to the characteristic of nozzles STF brush, the distance between the filter mesh and the suction nozzle is zero, which, combined with the controlled rotation by the electric motor provided make this the most effective filter market. STF filter range of electric drive have proven over the years that are capable of operating in extreme conditions with the least amount of water rejected from the market due to its backwash system with patented nylon brushes.

- continuous filtration process , during the cleaning period does not stop the flow of filtered water to the network.

- Minimum water consumption during the backwash.

- Ability to group multiple filters in filtration heads controlling them by the same programmer.

- Two versions : cartridge holder PVC cartridge holder and stainless steel .

- filtration sizes between 10 and 1000 microns.

- Mesh generation that ensure 100% filtration size.

- Flow of operation between 20 and 1,250 m³ / h.