STF FMA-6000 Self Cleaning Filter

STF FMA-6000 Self Cleaning Filter
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STF FMA-6000 Self Cleaning Filter

The FMA 6000 series line filters are electrically operated automatic online especially designed for installation in pipelines with high flow applications municipal, industrial and agricultural.


Its operating system allows these filters operate with very low operating pressures, which makes the optimum equipment protection systems for pumping large volumes. The series of filters FMA-6000 are coupled directly to the pipe by means of flanges standardized as an element thereof. No more need to install the connection of electrical and control.

All materials are of high quality, using stainless steel , in that all the mechanical elements are in contact with water. The filter body is of carbon steel . The mechanical elements are in the face of "clean water" (water under the mesh) so that no foreign matter can affect operation or damage.

- continuous filtration process , during the cleaning period does not stop the flow of filtered water to the network.

- Double filter mesh diamond Diamond profile that decreases pressure loss and facilitates countercurrent washing.

- filtration sizes of 1, 1.5 and 2 mm.

- For pipe diameter of 500 mm diameter and 3 meters. (16 - 120 ")

- Flow rates up to 52,000 operating m³ / h.


Method of operation

The water flows through the rotating screen which retains the particulate matter above the passage thereof. When the differential pressure reaches the preset, begins the cleaning process that is segmented, collecting the waste in the cleaning sump to be expelled outside.

The cleaning cycle starts when detecting the predetermined differential pressure between both sides of the mesh. At that moment the crown begins to rotate to a sector positioned precisely in the cleaning chamber, immediately afterwards one proceeds to the opening of the flush valve and the start of the pump for injecting water through nozzles from the face of "clean water" of the mesh. With these nozzles what you get is a thorough cleaning of the mesh. The flush valve is open the set time for cleaning and comes to a close. The crown moves to the next sector and begins the cycle again to open and close the valve for cleaning and the water jet pump.

By positioning the sector in the cleaning chamber, the latter is completely sealed by a nylon bristle system, therefore, opening the flushing valve, all the water passes through the filter mesh in reverse filtering , resulting in significant savings in the cost of water for cleaning.

A mechanically protects electronic equipment. It consists of a torque limiter, a soft start system and an electronic control of the position of the crown.