Steri-Valve Butterfly Valve

Steri-Valve Butterfly Valve
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Steri-Valve Butterfly Valve

The Sterivalve is the most advanced technological answer to interception problems in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry products. The Sterivalve is designed to satisfy the severe hygienic and functional requirements put forth by the said industries. The particular compact design, free of recesses and interstices allows total cleaning of the valve. Upon customer’s request SteriValves can personalize its products. It is therefore possible to chose materials, dimensions and technical specifications to meet various requirements. The special clamp that is supplied with the valve (quick open versions) makes it more ergonomic and sterile. The Sterivalve is also a part of the modular system offered by SteriValves. This system allows the interchangeability of all the components pertaining to the range of sanitary valves.

Valve body in AISI 316L
Disc in AISI 316L
Gasket in silicone, EPDM, viton (FDA CFR
177.2600) or PTFE
PTFE bushings
Clamp in AISI 304 [for the quick open versions]
Handle and top plate in AISI 304
Rotary pneumatic actuator

Interface SteriFlange in AISI 316L
[O-ring upon request]
Blaking SteriPlate in AISI 316L
[O-ring upon request]
Various clamp versions in AISI 304
Ferrules (TC, spigots), hoppers, flanges, pipes
SilHose, SilEnd, SilCap, in trasparent silicone

satin [Ra < 0.6 mm]
ceramic sandblasting
polished [Ra < 0.1 mm]