Steinhardt Easyslide
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Steinhardt Easyslide

The challenge

No all canal network sections necessitate intelligent and flexible discharge controls. Measured data and values such as Qab are only necessary in the event of subsequent connections to control stations. The plant engineering must be expandable for subsequent applications. Only robust and durable systems live up to wastewater requirements.

The method

Wherever exact discharges with variable Qab adjustments are required, headwater-controlled discharge control mechanisms such as the EasySlide are retrofittable on a cost-effective basis. The simple operation does not require any deeper knowledge of control engineering.

The solution

The EasySlide discharge control mechanism consists of a calibrated special slide valve with actuator that is universally applicable above or underneath the water. The slide valve control mechanism computes (from the upstream water level) the residual aperture required for Qab with considerable accuracy. Qab is adjustable within the framework of the permissible parameter in 10 stages by means of a switching mechanism. Preventive canal flushing guards against shifting of the EasySlide discharge control mechanism. The EasySlide discharge control mechanism is upgradeable to the ElectroSlide discharge regulator.


  • Simple operation
  • Constant discharge control
  • 10-stage, local set point adjustment
  • Without base skip
  • Mountable above or below the water level
  • No media contact of the measuring system
  • Robust, stainless steel design
  • Retrofittable connection to remote control system
  • Overflow measurement retrofittable with data logger
  • Optional GSM detector


  • Saves expenses and space, since measuring structures and quiescent stretches are omitted
  • Retrofittable in shafts and basins