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SJ-21 Spool Type Rubber Expansion Joint

SJ-21 Spool Type Rubber Expansion Joint
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SJ-21 Spool Type Rubber Expansion Joint

The SJ-21 is the industry standard spool-type expansion joint. The SJ-21 is available in configurations from zero to four arches - depending on movement requirements - and 3 standard pressure ratings in a variety of elastomers. This hand-built expansion joint can be adapted to the most unusual or difficult applications. Available options include filled arches to eliminate settling of solids in the arch, Teflon liners for severe chemical service, soft cuff ends for slip-on installation, and concentric or eccentric tapered ends for connecting different pipe sizes.

Flange drilling is also available in all international standards or custom applications. For more information, contact EVR.

Control unit assemblies are recommended for all applications. To ensure correct length, customer should provide width of mating flange or flange specification.