Singer Non-Modulating Float Valve (F-Type 5)

Singer Non-Modulating Float Valve (F-Type 5)
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Singer Non-Modulating Float Valve (F-Type 5)


- No overflow, drip-tight close 
- Adjustable draw down
- Easily adjustable level settings
- Low supply pressure options

The 106-F-Type 5 and 206-F-Type 5 non-modulating float valves are based on the 106-PG or 206-PG main valve. It is ideal for allowing normal forward flow to fill water reservoirs to a desired high level and where the pilot and valve of the reservoirs are easily accessible.

The valve functions as a two position valve, either open or closed. The valve remains closed when the reservoir level drops, until the float reaches the pre-determined adjustable minimum reservoir level. The F-Type 5 valve then opens to refill the reservoir and closes tightly when high water level is achieved.