Singer 420DC Automated Pilot

Singer 420DC Automated Pilot
Singer 420DC Automated Pilot
Singer 420DC Automated Pilot
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Singer 420DC Automated Pilot

- Temporarily submersible IP67 enclosure
- Quick troubleshooting
- Predictable, repeatable accuracy
- Easily adjustable set-point and range
- Long-life using slow speed actuator
- Valve mounting saves space and cost
- Suitable for all valve sizes
- ownstream pressure follows the control signal within +/- 0.25 psi / 0.017 bar
- May be fitted in the field to most sizes and makes of automatic control valves
- Position feedback potentiometer 0 - 5K ohms
- Programmable span and speed via optional cable and software

The 420-DC or 420-AC provide for a reliable, simple and cost efficient way to automate today’s water systems.
When a sturdy slow speed 24 VDC motor actuator drive is fitted onto the 160-PR pilot, this pilot then becomes the 160-420-DC. The minimum system pressure downstream of the pressure reducing valve is set by adjusting the pilot screw that compresses the pilot spring. The motor actuator responds to a 4 - 20 mA signal, rotating the pilot adjusting screw corresponding to the change in signal. The number of turns is adjustable and may be programmed to suit the pressure change per turn of the pilot screw to produce the desired maximum and minimum downstream pressure.

The 160-420-DC or 160-420-AC requires less than 1 amp power to operate, controlled by the 4 - 20 mA signal from the water distribution SCADA system. The very low power requirement lends itself well to a solar powered self contained station. Extended power failure would result in relatively steady pressure at the last setting. Optional freeze or default to high or low pressure available on loss of signal.