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SIDE Sidinox
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SIDE Sidinox

SIDINOX:  Prefabricated Lift Station

Equipped with the DIP lift system, SIDINOX incorporates all the advantages of DIP :

Lifting odorless,without dangerous gas, no wet-well nor cleaning.

Fully eco-designed, SIDINOX is made of stainless steel and fully recyclable, non-oil based materials.
Economical, ecological and robust, it is delivered ready to install and is straightforward and quick to connect. Sidinox has a wide range of applications; beneath road surfaces or green spaces. SIDINOX is the perfect solution where economical and clean lifting is essential as it is odorless, without gas, neither screening, nor wet well, nor periodic cleaning.

To meet multitude of configuration there are ank or periodic cleaning.

SIDINOX consists of a Ø1.20 or Ø1.50 or Ø2.00m stainless steel (EN1.4307 or EN1.4404), sealed unit which houses all the equipment required for its operation.

It iis fitted as standard with DIP11/2VV-1,5 kW system for Sidinox 120, and it is adaptable for all the systems from DIP16 to 61R for SIDINOX 150, DIP101 to 101R for SIDINOX 200, and DIP101H and 151 for SIDINOX 250.

They are pre-fitted with pipework, valves, access ladder and an electrical cabinet with base and ventilation :