SIDE PM Modular Pump

SIDE PM Modular Pump
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SIDE PM Modular Pump

Electro pump PM is a multi-use pump, particularly adapted to clear and wastewater pumping including thick or aerated and able to contain fibers and gases.

“DIP” pumps work via the load in the suction, they work in fixed speeds of 1450 or 2850 revs per minute but they can be piloted by a frequency converter, for starting up, progressive stops and flow regulation, placed “one after the other” and automatic adaptation to any network specifications.

Applications are multiple and you can rely on fluid transfer in optimum conditions.

  • Wastewater and rainwater
  • Service water
  • Industrial Fluids

Some applications include:

  • Mud, stripping, recirculation, greasy, grit (body strengthened with a volute which can go to 18 mm thick).
  • Slaughterhouses, waste, wash water, raw water, residual water, canning factories, etc.
  • Industrial diverse fluids such as paper mills, confectionary.
  • Seawater, desalination.
  • Construction sites of public works, etc.