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Series 1100 Open Frame Rubber Pinch Valve

Series 1100 Open Frame Rubber Pinch Valve
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Series 1100 Open Frame Rubber Pinch Valve

- Centerline closure for streamline flow
- Tight shut-off even with small trapped solids
- Built-in over-pinch protection
- Positive opening tabs standard on all sleeves
- Valve position easily visible

The Series 1100 Pinch Valve has been designed to provide a high pressure alternative to the Series 1000 Valve. Virtually maintenance-free, the sleeve is the valve's only wetted part, eliminating possible contamination of the process materials.

The 1100 Series Valve has no seats that require grinding, no packing glands or stuffing boxes which require repacking. The valve will not become locked or jammed even when dealing with solids in the flow. The Series 1100 can be used as a manual throttling control valve. Reduce port, funnel port or double wall sleeves are available for these applications.