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VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve - Manual

RIKO Plunger Valve - Manual
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VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve - Manual

- Face-to-face length acc. to EN 558-1, basic series 15 - from DN 500 1.5 x DN
- With flange ends on both sides acc. to EN 1092-2
- Control valve in straightway type
- With customized control device depending on operating conditions
- Low actuating torque due to pressure balanced valve piston
- Rotationally symmetrical flow guidance
- Annular flow cross section in each position
- Axial movement of the plunger by means of crank gear mechanism
- With self-locking worm gear unit including position indicator
- No blocking due to long piston guide rails
- Elastic profile sealing ring located in the no-flow zone for high durability
- Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and infiltration-proof piston guides in the body by micro-finished bronze weld overlay
- Piston sealed by Quad Ring

- Body: Ductile cast iron EN-JS 1030 (GGG-40)
- Piston guide rails: Bronze overlay welded
- Piston: Stainless steel 1.4301 Operation data
- Valve sealing: EPDM
- Inner parts: Stainless steel (exception: > DN 600 crank gear from EN-JS 1030 (GGG-40))
- Bolts: Stainless steel A4 (DIN EN ISO 3506)
- Bearing bush: Bronze
- Eye bolts for lifting: Galvanized steel 1.0401 (C15)

Corrosion protection:
- Inside and outside epoxy coating

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- Standard version as described
- With electric actuator Note
- With pneumatic actuator
- Special designs available on request
- With slotted cylinder to control high differential pressure for water with suspended
- solids (Form "SZ")
- With orifice cylinder to control high differential pressure (Form "LH")