PBM Diverter Port Ball Valves

PBM Diverter Port Ball Valves
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PBM Diverter Port Ball Valves

PBM Diverter Port Ball Valve

The PBM Diverter Port valve is a 3-Way valve with the common port at the side or the bottom of the valve. This valve has seats for positive shut-off on two ports, and a third, or common, port which has no seat and is always open to flow. The PBM Diverter Port valve is an economical choice for many piping designs. In some applications, a single Diverter Port can replace two or three 2-Way valves to reduce cost and space. In other applications, a Diverter Port valve can produce an economical alternative to a 3-Way multi-port valve, depending on the sealing requirements. This valve is also an excellent choice for mounting two relief valves from a common pressure source.
PBM Series 5 Diverter Port valves are readily available in sizes 1/2" - 6" in 316 stainless steel, with other materials upon request. A wide choice of end fittings are available.

Industrial Valves
PBM's Diverter Port Industrial ball valves are designed for general purpose, non-sanitary process applications, or for connection to piping fittings rather than tubing fittings.

Sanitary Valves
PBM's Diverter Port Igenix™ Sanitary ball valves are designed for pure process applications, or for connection to tubing fittings.  These valves are ideal for pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and microelectronic applications. Valves are assembled lubricant-free with Virgin Polytetrafluoroethylene (VTFE) soft parts and either 316 or 316L wetted metal parts.

• Adjust-O-Seal® design allows the valve seat seal to be restored in-line to a leak-tight condition, to compensate for normal seat wear.
• Swing out/Lift out Design for easy removal and installation.
• Internal seat design produces a bubble-tight seal.
• Spring-loaded washers create a live-loaded stem assembly for positive sealing.
• True-Bore® (port matches ball, seat and end fitting I.D. to tubing I.D. to eliminate puddling) and Full Port.
• Stem assembly accommodates PBM Direct Mount Actuation for accurate alignment and increased cycling life. Engagement between the stem and ball is indexed and is well-suited for high torque applications.
• Encapsulated body gaskets eliminate cold flow and reduce recesses where media could accumulate and contaminate the process.
• Quickly and easily convert valves with common ports from Industrial to Sanitary (and vice versa) using interchangeable seats.
• Transflow, the gradual media flow that occurs as one port opens and another closes, prevents dead-heading and damage to pumps. Most flow patterns support transflow.
• Optional mechanical or electropolished I.D. and O.D. surfaces minimize crevices and enhance sterility in DI Igenix Sanitary valves.
• Extended Butt-Weld for Tube and Extended Butt Weld for Pipe end fittings may be welded in-line without disassembly.
• Optional body cavity fillers minimize areas where media could become trapped and contaminate the process.
• Strong handle and stem. Vinyl end covers are designed for a sure grip.
• Position indication plate is provided.
• Precision machined and polished ball reduces torque and extends seat life.