PAX Water Tank Mixer

PAX Water Tank Mixer
PAX Water Tank Mixer
PAX Water Tank Mixer
PAX Water Tank Mixer
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PAX Water Tank Mixer
The PAX Water Mixer is an active, submersible mixing system for the cost-effective management of drinking water quality in storage tanks and reservoirs. The mixer installs easily without service disruptions or tank modifications and mixes on-demand (24/7/365) to create temperature stability, uniformly distribute disinfectants and improve water quality.

How it Works:
The PAX Water Mixer pushes water from the bottom of the tank to the top and circulates water throughout the entire tank to prevent conditions favorable to residual loss and DBPs, nitrification and ice formation. Efficient and effective mixing of large volumes is achieved by the mixer’s patented Lily impeller, which is able to establish a powerful flow pattern in any tank, any size.

- Optional chemical feed
- NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and UL certified
- Stainless steel and chlorine/chloramine-resistant rubber materials
- Grid or solar power options

- Improves water quality
- Better mixing performance (most gallons per minute)
- Energy-efficient (less than 300 W of power)
- Quick ROI and operational cost savings

- Power Supply Requirement: 120 VAC, GFCI-protected, 15 Amp circuit
- Motor Type: 48 VDC, water-filled, water-lubricated, brushless motor
- Nominal Power Draw: 280 W @ 1200 RPM
- Mixer Assembly Weight: 62 lbs (28.2 kg)