Monitor VibraRod Vibratory Probe

Monitor VibraRod Vibratory Probe
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Monitor VibraRod Vibratory Probe

The VibraRod™ vibrating rod sensor provides reliable point level sensing in a wide variety of applications within powder and bulk solids markets. The vibrating probe principle utilized by the VibraRod overcomes typical application difficulties associated with changes in material, electrical dielectric constant, temperature or humidity while providing reliable solid state electronic circuitry that requires no calibration. The VibraRod has the ability to detect a wide range of material densities.The VibraRod line of vibrating rod point level sensors is offered in standard length, cable extension or pipe extension versions. The standard length version extends into your vessel approximately 235 mm. The pipe extended version can be used to extend the measuring rod up to 3 m and the cable extended unit can be used to extend the probe up to about 20 m. Each version can be provided with either a plastic or aluminum housing. VibraRod units are provided with local indication using a bi 

Principle of Operation:
The VibraRod™ line of point level sensors is a mechanical resonance system that is excited and kept in resonance by the sensor's electronic circuitry. Two piezoelectric crystals are mounted on the internal portion of the probe’s base. An electrical signal is applied to one crystal at the frequency corresponding to the probe’s self-resonance. This electrical excitation causes physical deformation of the crystal which in-turn creates probe vibration. When no material is present around the VibraRod's probe, the vibration of the probe is received by the second crystal. This causes physical deformation of the second crystal which generates a voltage analyzed by the electronic circuitry. With material present and surrounding the probe, the vibration is dampened so that the second crystal is not able to generate as high a voltage as when no material is present. The electronic circuitry senses this change and the relay output changes accordingly. 

SINGLE-PRONG PROBE DESIGNThe VibraRod™ provides a probe design superior to ""tuning fork"" devices and eliminates problems associated with build-up between tines of ""tuning fork"" devices. In addition, the VibraRod's vibration acts as a self-cleaning effect for most materials, which can further eliminate problems. The reinforced 316 stainless steel rod provides a high level of corrosion resistance suitable for virtually any application. The unique design of the VibraRod level sensor makes it immune to changes in many different application variables. 
- Easy Setup - No Calibration
- Universal Power Supply
- No Clogging/Bridging Like Tuning Fork Designs
- Unaffected by Environmental & Material Changes - No Calibration
- Variety of Probe Configurations
- Pipe & Cable Extension Units Available
- Standard Version with Plastic or Aluminum Enclosure
- Hazardous Location Approvals 

The VibraRod™ level sensor provides reliable point level sensing in a wide variety of applications for most bulk solid materials. The single-prong vibrating rod principle requires no calibration, is easily setup and eliminates the application problems associated with build-up and clogging between tines on a typical ""tuning fork"" device. The VibraRod is ideal for bulk solids ranging from 3.12 lbs/ft³ (0.05 kg/dm³ ) with a maximum particle size of about 3/8 inches (10 mm) and is even self-cleaning via vibration in many applications.

Typical Applications include, but are not limited to:

 Food Products Chemicals  Clay  Sawdust 
 Fly Ash  Grain Carbon Black   Plastics
 Lime  Sand  Cement  Feed
 Pellets  Rice  Flour  Tobacco