Monitor PZP Vibratory Probe

Monitor PZP Vibratory Probe
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Monitor PZP Vibratory Probe

The PZP vibratory level sensor provides reliable point level detection in a wide variety of process control applications within the powder and bulk solids market. 
The PZP offers many advantages over alternative technologies. The vibrating probe principle eliminates problems associated with temperature, humidity and material changes, while providing state-of-the-art electronic reliability and accuracy that requires no calibration. The unique single-prong probe design eliminates material packing problems and false signaling typically associated with the dual-prong ""tuning fork"" design.
The PZP's ability to detect a wide variety of material densities, including very lightweight materials, makes it an attractive solution for many applications. 

Principle of Operation  
The PZP utilizes piezoelectric technology to create a vibration and then constantly monitors the presence or absence of that vibration. Two piezoelectric crystals are located in the base of the probe. A signal is applied to one crystal at the frequency corresponding to the probe's self-resonance. The electrical excitation causes physical deformation of the crystal resulting in probe vibration. With no material present, the vibration of the probe is felt by the second crystal. This vibration causes physical deformation of the second crystal which generates a voltage to be analyzed by the electronic circuitry. With material present around the probe, the vibration is dampened, thereby minimizing the voltage generated by the second crystal. The output voltage is analyzed by the circuitry and the relay status changes accordingly.

- Unique versatility for materials from 20- 1600 kg/m³
- Ideal for lightweight materials including expanded polystyrene beads and fumed silica. 
- Unaffected by environmental and material changes
- Unique single-prong probe design (diamond shaped)
- Universal Power Supply for 20–250 VAC/DC
- High and low applications/dust collector back-up protection
- Handle Internal Bin Temperatures Up to 105°C
- Multiple configurations for a wide range of applications

The PZP is often applied in ultra lightweight applications due to its exceptional sensitivity to materials as light as 1.25 LB/ft³ (20 kg/m³ ). However, the PZP is also a proven performer for materials up 1600 kg/m³. Current applications range from 20 kg/m³ EPP (expanded polypropylene) beads to 1600kg/m³ clay. The PZP is ideal for applications where vessel content changes are common, since no calibration is required when material changes are made. The PZP can also provide dust collector back-up protection.

Typical Applications include, but are not limited to:

 Chemicals Clay  Sawdust 
 Grain  Plastics  Carbon Black
 Polystyrene  Cement  Rice
 Cereal  Food Products  Flour
 Lime  Fly Ash  Tobacco