Monitor Flo Pad Bin Aeration

Monitor Flo Pad Bin Aeration
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Monitor Flo Pad Bin Aeration

The Monitor Flo-Pad bin aerator is a device used to promote the flow of dry bulk powders from a storage vessel without the noise and damaging vibration caused by pneumatic or electric vibrators. The Flo-Pad uses multiple Evassers mounted on a single air plenum chamber inside the vessel and is capable of aerating many types of bulk powders and granular solids in bins, hoppers and silos including some of the most difficult applications. While the Flo-Pad is able to discharge air at up to 80 psi (5.5 bar) to help dislodge and move settled materials, the single Flo-Pad is used to maintain flowability of material with a constant 2 to 5 psi (0.14 to 0.35 bar) supply of air.Unlike other types of aerators that use cotton or canvas to diffuse the air, the Flo-Pad uses multiple Evassers, which are less likely to be bound or clogged due to moisture. In addition, the Flo-Pad is not as prone to back-flow of material because the standard neoprene boot on the Evassers expands to let the pressurized air out and contracts when the air is shut off blocking the air outlets from material backflow. 

Principle of Operation  
The Flo-Pad uses multiple Evasser bin aerators mounted on a single air plenum chamber for optimal efficiency in even some of the most difficult applications to continuously introduce air into a mass of stored powder. When first conveyed into a storage vessel, the powder is actually a highly aerated mixture of air and particulate. In this state, the mixture flows quite easily. As the material settles, the particulate and air separate. The material decreases in volume and increases in density (it packs), and in turn it begins to behave like one solid mass rather than a fluid mixture of particles. The Evassers on the Flo-Pad replace the naturally lost air and increase and maintain the air-to-particulate mixture ratio, thus allowing the material to flow.   

Fluidizes Materials in Bins, Hoppers and Silos
- Handles Tough Applications 
- Multi-Directional Air Release
- No Damaging Vibration 
- Virtually Maintenance Free

The most effective aeration of dry bulk materials is typically achieved by the use of multiple rows of Flo-Pads, one row located in each quadrant of the slopping bin bottom. The Flo-Pad can be used to aerate dry powders and granular materials. The spacing between rows and individual Flo-Pads can vary from application to application. In all cases, please consult with the Monitor application engineers for a recommendation that meets your specific material flow problem.

Typical Applications include, but are not limited to:

Cement Bentonite Gypsum
Soda Ash Lime Flour
Carbon Black Fly Ash Resins