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MHH Flanged Connector

MHH Flanged Connector
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MHH Flanged Connector

The MHH Series are similar to EVR's series of pump connectors in that engineering and materials can be matched to any situation. Available in diameters ranging from 1 to 24 inches and in lengths up to 50 feet. The MMH Series are available with full face flanges and backing rings, built-in steel nipples or a beaded-end design which provides a rotating floating metallic flange that gives perfect bolt alignment to both new and old installations, without torsion.

The MMH Series provides piping flexibility and vibration absorption and permits movements within the system. They can also withstand operations of high pressure or vacuum as well as extremes of temperature. The smooth inner sleeve is resistant to abrasive materials and can be fabricated to handle process flow of even the most caustic or acidic systems.