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Metaval Flanges

All flanges are available with Flat Face (FF), Raised Face (RF) or Ring Type Joint (RTJ).

Weld Neck Flange


● Weld Neck Flanges have a long-tapered hub and are often used for high-pressure applications.

● These flanges are ideal for extreme fluctuations of temperature and in environments where there may be high pressure or high temperature being dealt with.

Orifice Flange


● Orifice Flanges are used instead of standard pipe flanges when an orifice plate or flow nozzle must be installed.

● Pairs of pressure tappings are machined into the orifice flange, making separate orifice carriers or tappings in the pipe wall necessary.

Slip-On Flange


● These are easily fitted and welded into different pipes.

● These flanges are ideal for lower pressure applications.

● This Flange is used in preference to Weld Necks by many users because of its lower cost and the fact that less accuracy is required when cutting pipe to length.

Blind Flange


● A Blind flange is a round plate which has all of the relevant boltholes but no centre hole, and because of this feature this flange is used to close off the ends of a piping system and pressure vessel openings.

● It also permits easy access to vessels or piping systems for inspection purposes.

Socket-Weld Flange


● These flanges are attached by inserting the pipe into the socket end.

● This allows for a smooth bore and better flow of the fluid or gas inside of the pipe.

● Socket-weld pipe flanges are mainly used for smaller sizes of high-pressure pipes.

Threaded Flange


● Threaded flanges are like slip-on pipe flanges except the bore of the threaded flange has tapered threads.

● These flanges are ideal for relatively low-pressure piping systems.

● Threaded flanges are used with pipes that have external threads.

● The benefit of these pipe flanges is that it can be attached without welding.

Lap Joint Flange


● Lap Joint flanges slide over the pipe and are most commonly used with Stub End fittings as the Lap Joint flange is free to rotate around the stub end.

● Lap Joint pipe flanges are often used for applications that require frequent dismantling.

Girth Flange


● Girth flanges are used for mating two segments of a pressure vessel.

● These parts are also widely used in shell and tube heat exchangers and other process equipment to mate various components.