Metaflow Orifice Plates

Metaflow Orifice Plates
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Metaflow Orifice Plates

Metaflow offers a wide variety of Orifice Solutions from plates to flange assemblies to full units with straight length pipework. Metaflow Orifices are precisely manufactured and tested under strict guidelines at our in-house production facility.

Metaflow Orifice Solutions:

● Orifice Plate (MEFOP)

● Restriction Orifice (MEFRO)

● Orifice Rings (MEFOR)

● Orifice Flange Assembly (MEFOFA)

● Orifice Meter Run (MEFMR)


● Liquid

● Gas

● Vapour

● Steam


● Highly Accurate

● Relatively more compact and less expensive compared to other flow meters

● Less susceptible to damage, but also easily replaceable

● Can be installed in a vertical, horizontal or inclined pipe

● Can determine a wide range of flow rates


● Design As Per: ISO 5167, ISO/TR 15377, RW Miller

● Plate Thickness (mm): 3/6/10/12/16/ On Request

● Orifice Plate Material: SS304/L, SS316/L/H, Monel, Inconel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Hastelloy, On Request

● Pressure Rating: As per customer requirement

Model: MEFOP

Metaflow Orifice Plate

Orifice Plate Comparison

Types Key Features Size β-ratio Discharge Coefficient Uncertainty*


Concentric Square Edge Ideal for clean liquids and gasses ≥ 1/2"" (15 NB) 0.2-0.75 ≤0.5 % of full-scale flow rate



Ideal for mediums carrying small amounts of non-abrasive materials or suspended particles.

Preferred over segmental orifice plate with small pipe diameters. ≥ 4"" (100 mm) 0.46 - 0.84 ≤ 2 % of full-scale flow rate


Conical Entrance Ideal for process conditions with low Reynolds Number. ≥ 1½"" (40 mm) 0.100 – 0.316 ≤ 2 % of full-scale flow rate


Quadrant Edge Ideal for high viscosity fluids such as heavy crude and slurries ≥ 1½"" (40 mm) 0.245 – 0.60 ≤ 2 % of full-scale flow rate


Segmental Ideal for liquids or gasses that carry non-abrasive impurities such as light slurries and dirty gas. ≥ 4"" (100 mm) 0.35 – 0.80 ≤ 2 % of full-scale flow rate


Multihole Ideal for short straight length requirements - only requires 2D Upstream and 2D Downstream. ≥ 1"" (25 mm) 0.1-0.75 ≤ 0.5 % of full-scale flow rate

*Better accuracy and repeatability available with wet flow calibration. Enquire about our in-house wet flow calibration facility!