Metaflow Metabar

Metaflow Metabar
Metaflow Metabar
Metaflow Metabar
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Metaflow Metabar

The Metaflow Metabar is the only standard bi-directional Averaging Pitot Tube. With its unique-shaped sensor, the Metabar is able to provide the lowest permanent pressure loss with high accuracy with either side flow. The Metaflow Metabar comes in a variety of configurations to suit all customer requirements.


● Clean liquid and gas

● Oil production and refining

● Chemical and petrochemical

● Water Treatment


● Unique shaped probe

● Lowest permanent pressure loss

● Easy installation

● Cost effective

● Optional:

■ RTD Connection (for multivariable transmitters)

■ Variety of isolation valves

■ Variety of valve manifolds (to direct mount transmitters)

■ Bottom-End support

■ Compact Ring


● ≥2” (50NB)

● Design As Per: RW Miller

● Metabar Material: CS, LCTS, SS304/L, SS316/L/H, Monel, Inconel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Hastelloy, On Request

● Pressure Rating: As per customer requirement

● Repeatability: ≤0.5 % of full-scale flow rate*

● Discharge Coefficient Uncertainty: ≤ 2 % of full-scale flow rate

*Better accuracy and repeatability available with wet flow calibration. Enquire about our in-house wet flow calibration services.