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MCF Magnetically actuated Self Cleaning Filter

MCF Magnetically actuated Self Cleaning Filter
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MCF Magnetically actuated Self Cleaning Filter

- Dramatically Reduces Product Loss
- Permanent media retains valuable product otherwise lost by media changeout
- Simple design with very few wear parts - for reduced spare parts stocking needs
- No external shaft or drive seals - eliminates downtime and disposal requirements
- Easy no-tools access for routine maintenance and service
- Continuous operation - even during cleaning cycles

The innovative, magnetically coupled driving technology that moves the cleaning disc -- without the need for shaft or drive external seals -- makes MCF unique.

The MCF features an innovative design driven by a magnetically coupled cleaning disc. This actuation method eliminates the need for lid thru-holes and their associated seals.

Key MCF Self-Cleaning Filter Markets:
- Chemicals
- Ethanol
- Food and Beverage
- Manufacturing
- Oil and Gas
- Pulp and Paper
- PetroChem
- Pharmaceuticals
- Water