Komax Ultra Static Mixer

Komax Ultra Static Mixer
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Komax Ultra Static Mixer

Ultra Mixer Technology

Ultra mixer technology covers the initial distribution needs, but as we move down towards the exit of the mixing system we must focus our attention on good dispersion.

We do this by changing the scale of the mixing structure from one that is distributive to one that is dispersive. This is achieved with what we call the "U" type Ultra Mixer. The basic mixing elements of this static mixer can be changed from a coarse to a fine scale of structure to concentrate initially on distribution and finally on dispersion of the additive.

Most polymeric materials are shear sensitive. That is to say, their viscosity is dependent on the shear rate to which they are exposed. Usually an increased shear rate produces a lowering of viscosity and is referred to as shear thinning. Viscosity versus shear rate data is usually provided by the polymer manufacturer in the form of a graph on log/log paper. We list below the shear rate and pressure drop formula for each of the devices we have described and others together with the units involved.