Komax Steam Heater - Inline

Komax Steam Heater - Inline
Komax Steam Heater - Inline
Komax Steam Heater - Inline
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Komax Steam Heater - Inline Inline Steam Heater
High heating efficiency - close to 100% - low capital cost, phenomenally reduced noise, water hammer, and vibration all combine to make Komax Direct Injector Steam Heater a breakthrough in technology. Available from 2" through 30" NPS in carbon steel, 316L, or 317L stainless steel construction.


- 99% to 100% Efficiency.
- 20% to 25%% more efficient than heat exchangers.
- Low capital cost
- Dramatically reduced noise.
- Dramatically reduced water hammer.
- Dramatically reduced vibration.
- Dramatically reduces scaling.

Komax steam heater models have been successfully installed in oil refineries, large industrial buildings for the general heating of water, food processing plants for the heating of slurries, pulp and paper mills for the heating of paper pulp stock streams.


Instant Hot Water by Direct Steam Injection
Komax Systems' direct injection steam heaters provide large or small volumes of hot water with very precise temperature settings. The very compact inline flanged steam heaters are the same diameter as the incoming cold water feed line. They are 30% more energy efficient then indirect systems, heat exchangers or heat coils in hot water supply tanks, and provide an unlimited supply of hot water instantly.
Unlike earlier designs, our direct injection steam heaters have no moving parts. The steam and cold water are instantly mixed together by our unique internal static mixer. The six radially chambered static mixing elements produce and mix very fine steam bubbles into the water stream. This design, using no moving parts, provides a very low noise direct steam heater with no vibration or water hammer. With a single modulating steam control valve the Komax direct steam heater provides better then a 10:1 turndown capability.
Demand for hot water may vary from no flow to maximum flow. Even with varying water pressures the direct steam heater will produce hot water at a precise temperature. A temperature controller actuates the steam control valve. The controller may be manually set to any desired outlet temperature or may be electronically controlled. Komax direct steam hot water heaters are offered in sizes from 30 gpm to 10,000 gpm.