KomaxStatic Mixer - CPS

KomaxStatic Mixer - CPS
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KomaxStatic Mixer - CPS

CPS Static Mixer

Simple, rugged, economical mixing elements.
Adaptable to all standard materials, surface coatings, end fittings and pipe sizes.
No moving parts-eliminates treatment tanks, motors, shafts, impellers and manpower requirements.
Low-cost, easily installed, long service life, zero maintenance and down time.
Low pressure drop-up to 90% energy savings-gravity alone is often sufficient.
Uniform temperature and velocity profiles-from centerline to sidewall-produce continuous, predictable blending, dispersing, heat-exchanging and reaction time.
Materials of Construction: Housing: Clear PVC Schedule 40
End Connection: Male Adapter Schedule 40 (WHITE PVC) NPT.

Elements: 4 Type 316 Stainless Steel