Komax Sludge Mixer

Komax Sludge Mixer
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Komax Sludge Mixer

Sludge Mixer (Non-Plugging / Non-Fouling Very low pressure drop)

The KOMAX Hi-Pass™ Sludge Mixer is designed to effectively mix polymer solution into sludge flows prior to dewatering process. Polymer savings in excess of 25% can be achieved. Features of this unit include:

MIXING ACTION: Each mixing element set i combination sweeps approximately two thirds of the circumference of the pipe and directs the flow to the opposite side, providing very strong wall-to-wall radial transfer. The standard four element set includes three inter-set cavities where intensive contacting occurs due to strong momentum reversal and flow impingement.

Performance is not dependent on any standing or trailing vortex flow phenomena, hence it is very insensitive to variations or perturbations in the incoming flow, and all required mixing takes place within the sludge mixer's length. No downstream clear or free flow lengths are required to complete the mixing.

NON-FOULING DESIGN: This sludge mixer is designed to be extremely resistant to fouling or clogging. The edges of the element sets are smoothly contoured with a large radius. The intersections of element ends with the wall are all oblique angles, eliminating corners that can trap solid or fibrous materials and began material accumulation. Momentum reversal and flow impingement provide a self-cleaning environment. The Hi-Pass™ design will readily pass individual solid items with a nominal diameter up to 1/2 that of the sludge mixer.

ENGINEERED INJECTOR: The injector manifold is designed to present the diluted polymer solution to the sludge flow for optimum efficiency. Better dispersion of the small amount of solution through the sludge mixing elements is achieved. The Komax Hi-Pass™ Sludge Mixer will reduce polymer consumption and costs and will produce dryer cake solids in dewatering operations. It is particularly suited for use on the feed line to devices such as belt fiber presses, plate filter presses, gravity belt thickeners, centrifuges, and pressure or vacuum filters