Komax Custody Transfer Static Mixer

Komax Custody Transfer Static Mixer
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Komax Custody Transfer Static Mixer

Custody Transfer Mixer

Komax Custody Transfer Mixer or CT mixer are installed upstream of the sampling point in a crude oil transfer line. They assure that the bottom sediment and water – B, S & W – is thoroughly dispersed throughout the crude oil stream. An even water droplet size and distribution occurs over a wide flow range. This means that the automatic sampler takes a truly representative sample.

Komax CT mixers are installed in petroleum product transfer lines such as ship and tank truck terminals or refinery transfers in combination with a LACT unit. CT mixers are supplied with weld neck flanges or ends prepared for welding. For ease of installation Komax CT mixers are supplied complete with two inch flanged port for the automatic sampler connection.

Special features provide effective mixing.
- The Komax CT mixer was specially designed to solve conventional custody transfer mixing problems. The CT mixer may be installed in a horizontal or vertical pipeline. In a horizontal line, the first mixing element is set 30 degrees off the centerline so the bottom mixing element ear acts as a ramp, forcing the bottom water up into the crude (see Figures 1 and 2). The internal vortices or back-mixing created by the Komax mixing elements also rotate the blend backwards from wall to eliminates any wall streaming and produces a very uniform distribution and droplet size of the water in the crude.

- A very important feature of the Komax CT mixer is the addition of a special, last mixing element that cancels all of the axial rotation of the flow downstream of the mixer. Violent rotation of the stream would cause the centrifuging problem (barber poling) of the water to re-occur. The automatic sampler is located two to four pipe diameters downstream of the mixer. The resulting samples provide highly reliable net crude oil measurements.