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Goggle Valves

Goggle Valves
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Goggle Valves

Goggle Valves Type 2 (Line Blinds)

- Valve approved to „Man-safe“ standards (goggle valve - openwork structure)
- The design provides 100% shut-off of media flow
- Total separation of the gas main in the closed position, thus ensuring no passage of the media from the upstream to the downstream gas main, i.e. „Man-Safe“ isolation
- Uniformly arranged clamping/unclamping hydraulic rams on one side of the valve body
- Valve body with one movable and one fixed body sealing seat
- Goggle plate seating/clamping is of mechanical pressure effected by the spring package within the hydraulic rams. Opening/ unclamping is effected by hydraulic pressure onto the rams
- Dual circuit hydraulic systems available
- Open structure or totally enclosed design
- Venting to atmosphere of totally enclosed type in closed position
- Valve actuation in accordance with customer’s requirements (electr./hydr./pneum./man.)
- Very low maintenance requirement
- Pressure rating up to PN 6
- Operating temperatures up to 1100 °C (2000 °F)
- Nominal diameters up to 5000 mm (200 inch)
- Other sizes or operating conditions on request

This design guarantees:
- No jamming of valve plates not even under extreme operating conditions.
- Wear free traverse of the plate through the valve body as the plate rings are retracted to provide a positive clearance.
- Valve tightness provided by axial pressure of the movable body sealing seat onto the movable plate ring (closed disc or open ring) and consequently onto the fixed body sealing seat, with the flexible springs providing a selfaligning feature

Operating conditions:
- Man-safe shut-off in accordance with safety regulations
- Shut-off of clean and dust-laden gaseous media
- High operating temperatures in insulated or cooled design
- Temperature fluctuations
- Short closing and opening time

Service applications:
- Gas main in any gas plant installation requiring “Man-safe“ isolation.