EVR WPS / TPS Pressure Sensor Protector

EVR WPS / TPS Pressure Sensor Protector
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EVR WPS / TPS Pressure Sensor Protector

- Full port design
- Accurate pressure sensing
- One wetted part
- 360º Self-cleaning sensing surface
- Integral flange gaskets
- Isolates instrumentation from process fluids
- Virtually maintenance-free design

Series TPS/WPS pressure sensors provide the ideal method of protecting pressure measurement and control instruments in process lines. The full port flow- through design is self-cleaning, eliminating the problem of seal cavity blockage that is common with diaphragm type pressure sensors. The instrumentation is also completely isolated from the process fluid line.

Wafer-style Pressure Sensors (WPS) contain only one wetted part, with integral flange gaskets provided by the one piece molded sleeve. They are available to suit all ANSI flange classifications. A variety of sleeve materials are available to provide optimum abrasion and corrosion resistance for different process fluids. Threaded-style Pressure Sensors (TPS) are available with alloy metal and plastic threaded ends for small diameter piping systems.

When placing your order, please indicate sleeve material by appending elastomer abbreviation (CR, NR, etc) to the model name. IE: Series TPS-CR