EVR Series AJ Pinch Rubber Pinch Valve

EVR Series AJ Pinch Rubber Pinch Valve
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EVR Series AJ Pinch Rubber Pinch Valve

- Simple operation
- Only one moving part
- Tight seal around small trapped solids
- Optional solenoid control for remote use
- Optional booster relay for rough throttling
- Suitable for vacuum service
- Straight through flow
- Long cycle life

The Series AJ Pinch Valve features a simple, cost-effective design, perfect for dealing with problematic abrasive materials. The valve's split body is designed to allow quick and easy sleeve replacement, and is available in a variety of materials.

Replacement sleeves for the AJ Valve are available in several different types. Double wall sleeves are extra thick for greater wear resistance and longer life. Reduced port sleeves are also available. Food grade sleeves can be purchased for specialty applications. Please contact EVR or your local distributor for more information regarding replacement sleeves.

Diamond Seal Gasket
Whenever the Series AJ Valve Is disassembled for inspection or maintenance, EVR recommends replacing the diamond seal gasket.

When placing your order, please Indicate sleeve material by appending elastomer abbreviation (CR, NR, etc) to the model name. IE: Series AJ-CR