EVR DF/DB Flue Duct Connectors

EVR DF/DB Flue Duct Connectors
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EVR DF/DB Flue Duct Connectors

- Relative light weight
- Non-conductive
- Abrasion and corrosion resistant
- High fatigue resistance
- Wide material selection
- Movement achieved with relatively low force

Flue Duct Connectors are designed to absorb thermal movements and vibrations in industrial duct work. They are designed to handle hot corrosive gases found in industrial ducting systems and eliminate vibration cause by equipment such as fans, scrubbers, and mechanical dust collectors.

DF-01 Flue Duct Connectors can be constructed either flanged or belted in various sizes, shapes and configurations for easy installation in any type of duct. Insulation pillows can be included for certain high temperature applications. Baffles are required where the gas stream contains particulates which might abrade the inner surface of the joint. Square, rectangular or round shapes can be produced in any size.