EVR CPI-IN Inline Rubber Check Valve

EVR CPI-IN Inline Rubber Check Valve
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EVR CPI-IN Inline Rubber Check Valve

- Low headloss in direction of flow
- Minimal maintenance
- Prevents backflow
- Self cleaning
- Withstands wear
- Quiet operation

Elasto-Valve’s CPI-IN Series is a slip-in style, expansion clamp mounted duckbill Check Valve manufactured with top quality elastomeric materials. Custom engineered and manufactured for each application, its design allows maximum flow with minimal pressure drop across the valve. This flexible valve prevents flow from occurring in the reverse direction. It will eliminate costly backflow from oceans, rivers, or storm water and is the ideal valve for effluent diffuser systems.

The CPI-IN Series duckbill Check Valve is designed to slide inside an existing or new pipe (PVC, Concrete, Steel, etc) and is held in place with durable stainless steel expanding clamp(s). Installation is quick and simple. These valves require no external power source or mechanical components to operate, unlike conventional Check Valves. EVR duckbill Check Valves require little or no maintenance, thereby virtually eliminating operation and maintenance costs.

The Series CPI-IN Check Valve can handle corrosive or abrasive materials such as raw sewage, sludge, or slurries. With a broad selection of elastomers, the Check Valve is suitable for many types of media and a wide range of temperatures.