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EKN Double Eccentric Butterfly - HySec Hydraulic Brake and Lift

EKN Double Eccentric Butterfly - HySec Hydraulic Brake and Lift
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EKN Double Eccentric Butterfly - HySec Hydraulic Brake and Lift

- Quick-closing valve with hydraulic brake and lift unit
- Hydraulic cylinder for external oil supply for a pressure between 80 and 200 bar
- Lever and weight with double bearing, angular joint bearing on one side and with bearing ring made of PTFE gliding sheet on the other side. This prevents the transmission of drop weight loads to the valve bearing.
- Modular design of the drop weight allows individual adaptation to the operation conditions
- Two-piece drop-weight lever
- Two limit switches to indicate the open and closed positions, protection class IP 65
- Two-step hydraulic cylinder and adjustable limit stop for the closed position
- Opening and closing time depending on the external oil supply
- Compact design consisting of the valve plus mounted actuator

- Console and lever: SJ235
- Drop weight: Cast iron EN-JL- 1040 (GG-25)
- Bearing pins, bolts and coupling: Stainless steel 1.4021
- Lever bearing: Stainless steel 1.4305 or rather zinc-free bronze and PTFE
- Corrosion protection
- Bracket, lever: Epoxy primer and top coating
- Drop weight: Epoxy coating

- Standard version as described
- Smaller sizes available on request
- With hydraulic unit for opening (with internal oil supply - version: HYsec E), with terminal box made of steel plate and third limit switch for keeping the valve open automatically. Fixed opening time, closing time adjustable - both depending from the dimension of the cylinder.
- Optional arrangement of actuator and drop direction
- As quick-opening valve
- For other types see HYsec PRO

Field of Application:
- Turbine inlet valve
- Pump protection valve
- Pipe burst safety device with electric release