Eaton Gas Liquid Separator

Eaton Gas Liquid Separator
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Eaton Gas Liquid Separator

Eaton’s Gas/Liquid Separators protect expensive system components, such as turbines, by removing potentially damaging moisture and particulate matter for air, gas and steam lines. Dozens of different models – both cast and fabricated – are available to meet your needs.

Type DTL Dry
Type 31L-ST
Type 10-R
Types 60-I and 70-I Internal
Series CLC Coalescers
Type 30L
Type TS Vertical
Type T Fabricated
Type T and ST Cast

Key Gas Liquid Separator Applications:
Steam Drums
Steam Turbines
Intercooler Equipment
Aftercooler Equipment
Gas Well Heads
Deep Well Heads
Oil Extraction
Chemical Processing
Scrubbing Systems
Glycol Dehydration
Sulfer Condenser
Mist Elimination
Heat Exchangers

Landfill/Waste Gas