Eaton AFR Series Tubular Backwashing Filters

Eaton AFR Series Tubular Backwashing Filters
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Eaton AFR Series Tubular Backwashing Filters

- High Performance and High Volume
- Increased capacity and space saving:
- Solids removal from 1 to 1,700 microns
- Flow rates up to 2,000 gpm (454 m3/hr)
- Broad selection of filter media materials and retentions suitable for a wide range of applications
- Numerous automated backwash options for operator-free service and minimal backwash effluent (<2% of system volume)
- Smooth pipe and nozzle connection transitions to avoid dead spots in the fluid stream and minimize pressure drop
- Isolated top-to-bottom backwash flow for complete and efficient media cleaning while continuing to deliver filtered product downstream
- Available ACCUFLUX media dramatically increases filter surface area in the same footprint
- Configured with an array of up to eight - 4" (101.8mm) or 6&quot; (152.4 mm) body tubes surrounding a central cleaning valve

The AFR - Series tubular backwash filter is a unique, expandable circular design for increased capacity in a compact one-square-meter footprint. The AFR-Series is ideal for high volume, low viscosity applications with retentions as low as 2 microns.

Cost reduction:
- A single AFR Series filter can replace a 13- station multiplexed system.
- For even higher flow rates, AFR Series filters can be easily combined.

Key AFR Tubular Backwashing Filter Markets:
- Chemicals
- Ethanol
- Food and Beverage
- Manufacturing
- Oil and Gas
- Pulp and Paper
- PetroChem
- Pharmaceuticals
- Water