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Bushing Style Check Valve - BU

Bushing Style Check Valve - BU
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Bushing Style Check Valve - BU

Bushing Valve Style - BU


The Bushing Valve is a check valve with a standard bushing housing. The valve is adaptable to many types of service applications. It has very little restriction and produces a low pressure drop. It can be used quite effectively in systems where flow and pressure drop are critical by the use of a reducer coupling. The Bushing Valve also makes an excellent vacuum breaker. The high flow rate insures maximum effectiveness for vacuum breaker service. By reversing the direction of flow it can also be used as a low pressure relief valve.

 Available Materials:

  • 316 Stainless Steel (SS)
  • Alloy 20 (A2)
  • Brass (BR)
  • MONEL® (MO)
  • Carbon Steel (CS)