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BAIO DVS Socket Lock

BAIO DVS Socket Lock
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BAIO DVS Socket Lock

- Fitting in accordance with EN 546
- With socket connection on both sides
- For easy dismantling of BAIO®plus Gate Valves for pipe rehabilitation
- Separable pipe coupling
- Separable coupling consisting of two BAIO®U-parts and outer lockable centre part
- Double function socket type for internal and external bayonet locking acc. DIN 28603
- Corrosion-resistant due to boltless connection
- Pull-out proof due to positive connection and friction-locked connection
- Short assembly times due to easy assembly or disassembly
- Stress-free laying due to flexibility of inclination up to +/- 3°
- Variable use for ductile cast iron pipes or plastic pipes due to easy replacement of sealing ring
- Easily removable connection

- Body: Ductile cast iron EN-JS 1030 (GGG-40)
- Sealing: EPDM
- Tension ring: Ductile cast iron EN-JS 1030 (GGG-40) KAT-B 5210

Corrosion protection:
- Inside and outside epoxy coating