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Aeco Proximity Sensors

Aeco Proximity Sensors
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Aeco Proximity Sensors

Aeco Proximity Sensors

Aeco design and produce a complete range of inductive, capacitive, photoelectric and magnetic proximity sensors.

These are electronic transducers which produce an output signal when a metallic object (steel, aluminium, copper, brass etc) enters into their sensing area from any direction without coming into contact.

-Cylindrical series 4-5-6.5-8-12-14-18-30 mm.
-Rectangular series dim:
8x8x40 - 10x16x28 - 12x26x40 - 17x17x30
-40x40x113 - 80x80x50 mm.
-Sensing distances from 1 ÷ 50 mm.
-NAMUR types from 5 ÷ 24 Vdc
-NAMUR EX types
-Amplified 2 wire types from 10 ÷ 30 Vdc.
-Amplified 3 and 4 wire
types NPN or PNP from 10 ÷ 30 Vdc.
-Amplified 2 wire types 20 ÷ 250 Vdc.
-Led incorporated
-Short circuit protection for amplified types.
-max. output current for D.C. 200mA for AC. 300 mA
-All types are available with cable or plug for connector

These are electronic transducers which provide an output signal when any type of material (Wood, metal plastic, granular and powder product) comes into their sensing area without coming into contact.

-Cylindrical series 18 - 30 - 40 mm dia.
-Totally screened and partially screened version
-Adjustable sensing distance
-Amplified 4 wire types NPN or PNP, NO+NC from
10 ÷ 55 Vdc
-Amplified 2 wire types from 20 ÷ 250 Vac/dc
-Relay output type with 1 pole changeover 1A ÷ 220 Vac
-Supply voltage 18 ÷ 50 Vdc / 18 ÷ 240 Vac
-Led incorporated
-Short circuit protection for D.C. and A.C. versions
-Maximum output current D.C. 200 mA, AC. 300 mA
-Types with connector output
-Types with instantaneous intervention or timing up to 15 min
-Protection housing in HOSTAFORM if used as level control.

These are infrared electronic transducers which supply an output signal when an object of any type of material passes into their range. Types available: Thru Beam (B), reflection with reflector (R) polarised reflection with reflector (AR) and direct reflection (P). Available in the cable or in the H plug version for M12 connector. The short circuit protection is incorporated.

FT18 SERIES: threaded plastic housing 18x1 mm. dia.
-Supply voltage: 10 ÷ 30 Vdc, 20 ÷ 250 Vac
-Led incorporated
-Programmable output PNP or NPN antiphase NO+NC
-Max. output current 200 mA
-Output MOSFET, NO/NC programmable, max. output current
300 mA
-Available with axial beam or with 90° beam
FT18M SERIES: threaded metallic housing 18x1 mm dia.
-Supply voltage 10 ÷ 30 Vdc
-Sensitivity adjustment incorporated
-Two indicator led: green led-stability indicator, yellow
led-operation indicator
-Available with axial beam or 90° beam

FTQ SERIES: rectangular plastic housing 18x50x50mm
-Supply voltage: 10 ÷ 30/12-240 Vdc/ac
-Sensitivity adjustment incorporated
-Two indicator led: green led-stability indicator, yellow
led-operation indicator
-Programmable functions NPN/PNP, antiphase NO+NC
-Relay output changeover 1A at 220 Vac and Programmable
relay ON/OFF
-In the H plug types the direction of the connector exit
can be selected

These are made of a reed switch, which can be switched by a magnet. There is no mechanical movement and the contacts are protected and hermetically enclosed in a glass bulb which contains inert gasses, mechanical and electrical deterioration is therefore kept to minimum. The standard version is supplied with open, closed and changeover contacts.

-SMC cylindrical series is available with threaded metallic housing
for 6-8-10-12-18 mm. dia. and smooth 12 mm is available with
threaded 9PG.
-SMP series is available with plastic or metallic rectangular housing
for 15x8x32 mm. dimensions.
-SMC-12LM/18M/09PGM are available with power reed
-Different types of magnets are available
-SMC types are used for frontal sensing and SMP types are used
for side sensing.

Special versions can be supplied upon request, when large quantities are involved

This unit is used for checking for the slowing down of rotating units due to the slipping of belts of clutches, fracture of transport belts or chains or as a motor protection in the case of mechanical overload. This control is carried out by the CRTP controller which is made up of an electronic circuit which is enclosed in a plastic container which has an undecal plug and a sensor which can be inductive, capacitive or photoelectric.

-Power supply 24-110/220 Vac 50/60 Hz
-Relay output 1 pole changeover 5A to 220 Vac
-Led incorporated
-The time range goes from 0.03 sec. to 512 sec
-Initial delay is adjustable in order to permit
rotating unit to start
-Function A with alarm and manual reset
-Function B with alarm and automatic reset
-Adapted for NAMUR and amplified NPN or PNP sensor
-All the functions are programmed through a selector switch in case of loss of power the relay changes state thus giving the alarm condition.

A compact version of model CRT30 is also supplied. This consists of a threaded Inductive cylindrical switch type M30X1.5 having a sensing area and a complete programming control area.