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Actuated Butterfly Valves
The AC-PAC Butterfly Valve and actuator package is available off the shelf configurations to suit the following duties.
* Liquid Service to 1600 kPa
* Liquid Service to 300 kPa
* Dry Service for Powder and Granules.

Actuators are selected to match the valve torque under these conditions - with a liberal safety margin. The liner, either nitrile or EPDM, is keyed to the valve body to permit higher velocities and lower operating torques. A one peice 316 Stainless Steel stem gives maximum disc support.

Spring Return or Double Acting Pneumatic Actuators.
Electric Actuators.
Limit Switches.
Solenoid Valves.
Open/Close Speed Control.

Note: If the option you want is not included in the above list, please contact us.