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Steinhardt Water Technology

High-Quality Water Management Systems

Steinhardt Water Technology Systems is one of the leading organisations in the field of manufacturing and developing products for urban water management. At Metaval, we ensure that our clients have access to fully functional, advanced technology and high-quality water management systems from leading manufacturers.

From the discharge mechanism of stormwater, combined water and sewage to the first rated regulator system we provide our service regardless of the limitations of height or surplusing works. We provide a variety of slide gates including the Easyslide, Electroslide, Hydroslide, Hydroslide Combi and Hydroself Gate Flushing. In comparison to the cost of the flushing systems available for small rectangular tanks, we provide cost-effective external powerless automated systems.

Having more than 60 years of experience in this field, their employees are experts in their role and will be able to deliver you the highest quality service.