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Process Solutions, Inc. (PSI) was founded in 2003 by Brent Simmons and Gunnar Thordarson. Prior to starting PSI, Brent and Gunnar founded ClorTec ® in 1988. Under Brent and Gunnar's management and ownership, over 3,000 onsite sodium hypochlorite generation systems (OSHG) were developed, marketed, manufactured, installed and serviced.

ClorTec ® was acquired by Severn Trent Services (STS) in November, 1999. Brent and Gunnar continued to work for STS until March, 2003, at which time they formed Process Solutions, Inc. (PSI) and began development of the Microclor® technology. Shortly after defining the new generation of OSHG, the Tank Shark® tank mixing system was developed to effectively mix and properly dose hypochlorite into water storage vessels. After the initial Tank Shark® mixing model in 2007, the simple mixer has evolved capabilities into a full-blown disinfectant residual management system - the Monoclor® chloramine management system.

PSI now retains on a full-time basis nine individuals who jointly possess over 300 years of combined experience selling, designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing similar onsite hypochlorite generation equipment and tank management equipment. With PSI systems across North America, the Pacific Rim, and Latin America, the team has been able to adapt to a wide variety of customer needs and preferences. No company in the water industry has more relevant experience, know-how or technology to meet customer needs in the area of OSHG and reservoir management.

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