Industrial Valves


Industrial control valves control the flow of liquid or gas, manipulating the space through which these materials can move through. They are also referred to flow control valve and there are a number of types with slightly different applications.

We broadly classify control valves according to whether they belong to the sliding or rotary categories. A common example belonging to the sliding category is a gate valve, also referred to as a sluice valve. The butterfly valve is a common rotary valve that utilises a rotating disk to regulate the flow of fluid through it. There are other valves that don’t exactly fall into either of these groups.

Metaval supplies a wide range of these industrial valves and others all over Australia. Our most sought-after components include singer valves, gate valves and butterfly valves, and we pride ourselves on our high-quality parts. Additional products that we supply include knifegate, pinch, plug, and pressure reducing valves. Browse through our catalogue or contact us for more information.