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Metaval is a leading heat exchanger supplier in Australia. A heat exchanger is a device designed to transfer heat between two or more fluids efficiently. The fluids can be single or two-phase and, depending on the exchanger type, may be separated or in direct contact.

For heavy industries like mining, pulp, iron and steel making industries, heat exchangers play an important role in the cooling of emulsions, refining of ores, treating fluids and galvanising respectively. Industrial heat exchangers are also used in Agro-Industry, Chemistry, HVAC and others.

In many engineering applications, it is indispensable to be able to increase the temperature of one fluid while cooling another. A heat exchanger accomplishes this double action. We supply a wide range of heat transfer equipment including water coolers, industrial steam heaters, industrial inline heaters & plate heat exchangers. We are the best in the business.
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